South Australia

This is the overview page where you can see the state of open data across each key dataset.

Dataset Score Breakdown Last Updated Location (URL) Information
Transport Timetables   100%
2015 Propose Revisions
Traffic Accidents   100%
2016 Propose Revisions
Government Budget   90%
2016 Propose Revisions
Realtime Transit   90%
2015 Propose Revisions
Election Results   75%
2015 Propose Revisions
Legislation   45%
2016 Propose Revisions
Government Spending   - Submit information
Procurement Contracts   0%
Propose Revisions
Government Facilities   - Submit information
Crime Statistics   - Submit information
Healthcare Performance   - Submit information
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Reviewers for South Australia:

Australia's Open Data Index, anonymous

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